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A CD of all-original instrumental tunes, featuring some of the finest musicians on the acoustic music scene: Jon Sholle, Joyce Anderson, Jim Whitney and Joe Craven.  Featuring Ethan on mandolin and mandocello, the album takes a “cinematic” approach to the music  with its exploration of bluegrass, jazz, Latin and folk music.



“Ethan Wiley's Take a Stand is a warm and pleasant album through and through, much in the spirit of the acoustic chamber music of Edgar Meyer, the Wayfaring Strangers (with whom Wiley shares bassist Jim Whitney), and the Deadly Nightshade Family Singers. The odd thing about it is the contrast it provides with Wiley's day job: B-movie director of such films as Children of the Corn V and the House series. On Take a Stand, Wiley focuses on compositions created for the mandocello, an instrument similar to the mandolin, although larger (as the viola is to the violin). The gentle pieces are filled out with gentle touches from master percussionist Joe Craven, who has spent many years playing behind acoustic guru David Grisman. Craven's additions, though subtle, are quite formidable. In places, such as "Shinglehouse Road" and "Mr. Good Timing," Wiley comes closer to traditional bluegrass, though the music retains a newgrass vibe throughout. This seems to be a common theme for many of the songs composed for mandolin, at which Wiley is also adept. Jon Sholle also adds colorful guitar and dobro.”

    -- Jesse Jarnow, All Music Guide

“...when Wiley takes a mandolin solo, you can’t help but think of an expressive [Jerry] Garcia solo... The comparison to a great and expressive player like Garcia is a compliment in the highest regard.”

    -- Michael Lello, JamBands.com


To order TAKE A STAND by mail

send check or money order for US$12.00 to:

Mean Bunny, Inc.

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Los Angeles, CA  90036