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Ethan started playing guitar at 8 years old and although having a natural talent for the instrument, abandoned it for sports and theater for most of his youth.  However his parents, who both played music, had an eclectic record collection, and he was exposed to a variety of different musical artists and styles, including Steve Reich, Bob Dylan, Doc Watson, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Erik Satie, Frank Zappa and John McLaughlin.  Then after receiving a Martin 00-18 from his father for his 16th birthday, Ethan started playing again.  After his guitar teacher Derek Thunes introduced him to the original DAVID GRISMAN QUINTET album, Ethan was quickly hooked on Grisman’s groundbreaking blend of bluegrass and swing jazz styles.  Later while attending theater and film school at UCLA, Wiley purchased his first mandolin.  As luck would have it, he would later acquire a couple of vintage Gibson mandolins and a rare 1914 Gibson mandocello.  Ethan studied with mandolinist Bob Applebaum in Los Angeles, but soon relocated to New York.  Not long after moving to the East Coast, Ethan became friends with neighbor Jon Sholle (guitarist with the David Grisman Quintet, Peter Rowan, ).  Ethan started composing and eventually approached Jon with a 4-track cassette tape of overdubbed original tunes.  Jon was impressed and they soon started recording tracks in Jon’s home studio, eventually releasing the CD “TAKE A STAND”.  Their collaboration also included composing and producing music for the New Line horror film JASON X and other soundtracks.  Since returning to Los Angeles in 2005, Wiley has performed and recorded on soundtracks, and with Matt Cartsonis, Robert Morgan Fisher ad Jeff Geoffray.